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John Picard

John has decades of experience envisioning, designing, engineering and executing "what's next" in the world of technology. From leading the Greening of the White House for Bill Clinton, to designing first-of-their-kind products and services for major retailers, John's experience is unmatched.

Visionary Founder

Steve Gertz

Steve sees opportunities for Halo clients even beyond technology solutions. With a vast knowledge of what's happening in major business segments, Steve adds priceless value by meticulously designing business development opportunities into parallel or unsuspecting industries. 

Managing Partner

Chris Green

Chris listens to clients, reading between the lines to ensure that Halo is not only accomplishing the client's stated goals, but also their secondary and tertiary goals. With a broad understanding of "what's coming" in technology and how that merges with the client's needs, Chris develops unique strategies that offer clients unexpected value.

Strategy Partner

Chris Lee

Chris supports the Halo team and clients with crucial project management and communications activities. With talent, skills and experience in project management, Chris digs into the details to ensure that projects are progressing on-time and on-budget.


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