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What is HALO?


HALO is a group of frontiersmen, designers, engineers and solvers who bring the blurry world of the IoT (Internet of Things), sustainability and smart technology into sharp focus for its clients.



HALO creates meaningful value for clients by prescribing and integrating the world’s most disruptive, transformative and practical energy solutions and smart technologies into their clients' products, buildings, manufacturing and industrial systems.


HALO focuses its solutions on maximizing resource efficiencies while matching  clients' needs with the benefits of current and forthcoming technologies.


Within buildings and office spaces, HALO has successfully reimagined office environments where people and buildings interact both consciously and unconsciously. This bold approach requires the ability to see around the corner, a rare talent anchored by decades of experience.  


HALO’s one-of-a-kind, value-creation process is ultimately able to increase human productivity, energy efficiency and the value of our clients' assets.​

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